Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I, is a traditional ruler, also a Ghanaian industrial conglomerate with a major presence in real estate, investment, mining, home decor, and consultancy. He is the founder, and executive chairman, of Dadaba Group of Companies, a certified business magnate. Over a decade into his endeavors he has emerged as one of Ghana’s most respected traditional rulers and a genius in the world of business due to his undebatable exquisite ideas. A fact about Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I is that he is an egghead in entrepreneurial ideas. He is highly respected by the crème de la crème of persons in authority and cherished by his subordinates due to his fascinating leadership skills since ascending the throne of akyem Osiem as a custodian of its Nkosuo royalty

Early Life and Education

Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I hails from Akim Oda in the Eastern Region, where his early years were shaped. Growing up in Sunyani and Kibi, he gained diverse experiences that influenced his journey. His academic pursuits led him to the University of Ghana-Legon, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Oseadeeyo has honed his expertise through various certifications in entrepreneurship, leadership, and real estate development, showcasing his commitment to multifaceted knowledge.In his ongoing educational journey, Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I is currently immersed in a master's program in International Relations, a testament to his dedication to global perspectives. Complementing this, he actively engages in international courses of personal interest, further broadening his understanding and contributing to his holistic approach to leadership and engagement on a global scale.

Business Mogul/Entrepreneur

His accomplishments extend beyond the boardroom, reflecting a deep-rooted understanding of economic dynamics and a keen awareness of the needs of the community. Oseadeeyo is not merely a business mogul but a leader who believes in the symbiotic relationship between business success and community development. His ventures contribute not only to economic prosperity but also to job creation and community upliftment.
Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I's legacy is one of entrepreneurial brilliance, marked by a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. His commitment to excellence, strategic foresight, and dedication to societal well-being position him as a beacon in the realm of African entrepreneurship, inspiring the next generation of business leaders to aspire to new heights.

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