Nana Kodie I is the Executive Chairman of Dadaba Group of Companies, a thriving multinational business conglomerate. He carved his career from Dadaba Estate in 2017, out of which he birthed his other astute firms, with headquarters in Accra – Ghana, the company has branches in Dubai and the United Kingdom. The Dadaba Group has a presence in a variety of businesses with a major in real estate worldwide due to its partnership with international business organizations. In addition, it is top-notch in investment, mining, home decor, and consultancy.

Fun And Pleasure

Nana Kodie enjoys going out to the tennis court, obviously, that is his favourite sporting activity. A stroke on a ball with the racquet across a net suspended by a cord or metal cable attached to two net posts is a fun activity he always looks up to. On the side loves to play hockey, read intriguing books, and surfing the net for research purposes due to his curious nature are things he does for leisure in his free time.